Customer Reviews


My Stand N Scoop arrived & as you can see, the box was a big hit with my three rescues. The scooper was an even bigger hit with me! It is just what the doctor ordered. I am restricted from bending following a spinal fusion and your invention is exactly what I needed. I will continue to use it forever & recommend it for anyone with back pain. Thanks so much for great engineering & solid construction.

Bonnie Oliver

 I've been using a Stand N Scoop for several months and wouldn't consider going back to a plastic scoop. I have asthma and my doctor advised me to stop cleaning the litter box. Since I have three cats, that wasn't going to happen. I was thrilled when I found the Stand N Scoop because it allowed me to clean the litter box without breathing litter dust. It's also really easy to use. I can quickly clean the litter box on my way out the door - what a huge convenience! I highly recommend Stand N Scoop for anyone with asthma or other respiratory ailments. You're days of breathing litter dust are over with this innovative product. Thank you Stand N Scoop!

Lori Alwood, California

This really works! The key is to start on one side of the litter box and scoop from side to side and then switch and scoop in opposite direction. No bending and breathing litter dust whatsoever. Love it!
Brooklyn NY

Just wanted to send an update and say that the scooper continues to be a great investment. We couldn't imagine going back to the old style.
Thank You
Dayton, Ohio

I use an all natural cat litter that is a little heavier then clay litter when it gets soiled and I often break plastic ones trying to get the urine clumps out but because the stand-n-scoop is made from metal, there is NO way I can break it!

Stephy Sumner

The Stand-N-Scoop is AWESOME! I suffer from chronic pain and it makes it so much easier for me to clean the cat box, its also easy to clean being an all metal design. I just tuck it away behind the cat box until I need it. I will seriously never have to buy another scoop again!

Stephy Sumner

Stephanie Sumner-Erskine I can NOT express how much I LOVE my scoop!! Its so hard for me to bend over because of my pain and its so much easier and cleaner using the Stand and Scoop! I think everyone should own one!

I am an elderly woman never had kids and my husband of 47 years has passed, I have lost just about all that is important to me in life and live on a fixed income, all I have left in life are my cats, I can no longer afford to pay to have my litter box cleaned and can no longer bend over to clean the box, your scoop has made it possible for me to keep my cats and clean my own box, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful tool
Edith Gold
New York

I have been using crystal litter for some time now and have not found a scoop that works till now, your scoop has made my clean up faster and easier thank you Stand-N-Scoop I will never own another scoop
Bend Oregon

I never thought I would ever write a review for a litter scoop, but here goes.

After dealing with litter pans for many years, from back when shredded newspaper was the norm to the present day and the convenience of clumping litter there is finally a solution that makes cat waste cleanup a heck of a lot easier and more sanitary for my three cats and me.

No more flimsy plastic scoopers that break and bend. No more bending over and getting a little too up close and personal with litter pans.

Now I can clean the two litter pans that my three cats share without having to bend over attempting to scrape, sift and remove the clumps. Now I am far away from the dust cloud that the process produces while being able to get the entire pan, sides and bottoms included, scraped, sifted and re-leveled in just a quick pass or two.

It's made out of powder coated steel and will last longer than me.

It's long enough for me to use while I remain standing
It's long enough so that I can use two hands to get the bottom and sides of the pan very clean. This is important for me as at 68 with arthritis using two hands is great.

The large basket allows the clean litter to flow out quickly while still capturing all the waste.

The process is so easy and simple I no longer dread the task or delay cleaning the pans as frequently as they should.

Thanks for a wonderful product

H, Bowers
Upstate New York

A few years ago I broke my back in four places. Getting on the ground was tough and even harder to get up. Your scooper makes it so easy to clean. No bending or having to get up off the floor. I no longer breathe the litter dust. Cleaning the cat box is no longer a nasty chore. Thank you!!! .

Rochelle Evens, California