Stand-n-Scoop (GRAY)

$ 39.95

No More Bending Over or Breathing Harmful Litter Dust!

  • Heavy Duty All-Steel Construction
  • No Stooping or Bending Over (48" Handle)
  • Multiple Color Options (Gray, Blue, Pink)
  • No More Breathing Harmful Litter Dust
  • Non-Porous Easy to Clean Sanitary Surface
  • The LAST Scoop You'll Ever Need to Buy
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty



    7-Reasons Why You Need the Stand-n-Scoop

    1. No More Bending Over or Getting Down on Your Knees
    2. Great for Bad Backs, Sore Knees, Elderly & the Disabled 
    3. Tired of Breathing Harmful Litter Dust and Exposure to Toxoplasmosis  
    4. Great for Children's Sandbox and Many Outdoor Uses
    5.  Not a Cheap Plastic Breakable Scoop 
    6.  Its a Healthier Alternative
    7. Its Faster and Easier